Friday, October 21, 2011

2009 àMaurice Cellars Pour Me

Wine: Pour Me (Red Blend)
Producer: àMaurice Cellars
Vintage: 2008    Varietal(s): 38% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Cabernet Franc, 28% Merlot
Barrel(s): 2 years in French Oak (40% new)
Cost: $17-20
Quality: 90-91 | Very Good/Excellent

Opaque dark blood red in color. On the nose is black currants, spice box, and violets. The palate is dark fruit, chocolate covered tart cherries ending with a floral note. Exceptionally smooth and well balanced. A great choice for any dinner. Very Good/Excellent.

Buzz: àMaurice Cellars was founded in 2006 by the Schafer family. The family searched hard to find the right land to build a great vineyard and wines. Only a few vintages in, winemaker Anna Schafer is making excellent wine. Watching the winery’s video and listening to Anna reminds me of exactly what I love about wine too. I’m including the video below. Recommended


Availability: Metropolitan Market

àMaurice Cellars 
Walla Walla, WA 
Since 2006


  1. I've tried this a few times and am liking it a lot.
    I was under the impression that Met market was not supposed to name the winery. I'm curious how you knew it was àMaurice Cellars?

  2. Great question. The wine steward at my Met Market told me when I asked about the wine. Of course that sealed the purchase for me. I also emailed àMaurice Cellars about the blend to get some more information prior to writing the post and they were kind enough to email me more info on the blend.

  3. very helpful thank you
    I'm planning to pick up a case while it's on special at $15
    I also enjoyed your review of the 2008 Chandler Reach Monte Regalo. I haven't tried it for a few years but will lkook to see if it is still avaiable.

    Another red blend from Met Market I'm enjoying is the Olson estate red. A bit more in your face fruit, but also a great price right now

  4. Does anyone know? Is "Pour Me" a field blend?