Friday, August 26, 2011

2008 Maison Bleue La Montagnette Alder Ridge Vineyard Grenache

I'm trying out a new format for my wine writing to be a little easier to use for my readers. Let me know your feedback.

Wine: La Montagnette Alder Ridge Vineyard
Producer: Maison Bleue
Vintage: 2008    Varietal(s): Grenache
Cost: $20 ($32 Current Vintage)
Quality: 92-93 | Excellent

Dark plum color in the glass. The aromas of this wine jumps out of the glass and towards your nose with power. Smoke, flowers, dark fruit and star anise. The palate is clean, powerful and elegant showing off dark cherry, raspberries and spices. Exceptional finish that keeps going and going.  Excellent.

Buzz: Amazing value and real benchmark for Grenache grown in Washington. New producer that is making a name for himself with a serious and quality lineup of great wines. Recommended.

Availability: Sometimes limited.  Local wine shops & winery.

Maison Bleue
Prosser, WA
Since 2008

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  1. i like the new format, concise and very straightforward which equals an easy read! nice work :)