Friday, July 22, 2011

Value Series: 2009 BenMarco Medoza Malbec

Happy sunshine finally! Tonight I made some cilantro margaritas (gotta be trying new stuff everyday) and my own version of Sopa de Ajo (Garlic Soup) which I will try to put a recipe together in the coming days or weeks for.  It was delicious (of course) and we opened another Costco winner. This is not a coincidence; Costco does a fantastic job sourcing wine at very good values. I can honestly say that the chance of finding a wine that you see at Costco cheaper somewhere else is probably zero. They buy about everything cheaper than you or anyone else can buy it and sell so much that their margins can be almost nothing.  This doesn’t mean that all the wines they sell are good…I’ve drank a few duds while looking for values to write on in the past month. Although if you have to gamble on picking by the label art, Costco is a great place to do it and more likely than not, you’ll come out on top.

This wine was first given to us as a gift by close friends of ours for a dinner we held a few months back and I remembered that I was very impressed with how it drank. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and while stalking the Costco wine island I saw it and bought it immediately. I’m terrible at remembering details I should, but I know this was less than $20 and probably closer to $15. The wine I last wrote about was $30+ and a dud compared to this $15ish malbec. Thank you Costco, Kaelyn, and Dennis.

2009 BenMarco Medoza Malbec

Popped and poured, drank over 2 hours. Dark purple in the glass all the way to the edges, opaque in the core. Dark berry fruit on the nose; blackberry, raspberry, molasses, and a hint of lavender. On the palate the dark fruit continued with black cherry, blackberry again, pencil lead and some smoke. Medium bodied, good acidity, and medium tannins that very approachable and ended with a nice finish that was longer than expected. A good overall drinking wine that is not super complex but delivers in the drinking enjoyment department. Definitely recommended. 90 pts. 

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  1. hmmm...will have to try this one! thanks for doing all the work and sharing your fab tips ;)