Monday, June 13, 2011


So how do you know that you’re going to start a blog? I decided that maybe I needed to talk to people other than my wife about food and wine; I’m sure she would agree. Why is my blog about food and wine? I grew up an extremely picky eater and with really nothing on my menu and I believed that I didn’t like anything. Growing up has a way of making you feel not as bright when younger.  I met my wife Nicole in 2004 and she grew up with something called a ‘No Thank You Bite’.  They had to try everything before declining, what a brilliant and obvious idea. After meeting her, I began to try more and more and found that I like a LOT of stuff. Now I get thrilled when I go to a street taco vendor and see that tripe is one of my meat options; awesome.  So as my love for food grew, my hobby turned passion for cooking came quickly behind. I am willing to try to cook anything and the family thinks I’m crazy when I insist on rolling my own pasta with a rolling pin (I need a Kitchen Aid). Of course I tell them the obvious truth, it’s better. One day while at a dinner party, I was introduced to a bottle of Rubicon 2003 Cask Cabernet Sauvignon and then my food love found a mate. Food, meet wine, wine meet Seth.

I’m 28 years young, been married coming up on 4 years and just had our first child, a beautiful daughter who is now 7 weeks old.  My hobbies include my family, skiing, staying physically fit, cooking, and wine. You technically could add bad golf and bad water skiing to that list. After finding out that I loved food & wine, I embarked in continually evolving life class on wine, food, and cooking. My wife and I have taken cooking classes at Sur La Table, traveled to Walla Walla & Napa, eaten at lots of great restaurants and continue to cook and try new wine weekly.  I have off-site wine storage now and very diversified cellar although Washington still rules the roost here. I am going to try and share my novice understanding with you and maybe we both learn something.

…basically I’m going to talk about what I love, food and wine. We live near Woodinville so it’s a good match.

Oh. I am also severely A.D.(Possibly and H. in there) D. Should make for an interesting time.

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