Sunday, June 26, 2011

Half-Marathon, Hanger Steak, Chimichurri and Woodward Canyon

What a weekend. On Saturday I ran the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon here in Seattle. Beat my goal by about 5 mins, although now one day removed feel like I was in a terrible car accident yesterday. As I sit crippled on my couch today, all I can think about were the two signs I remember people holding along the water yesterday as I was running. “Remember, sweat is just your fat cells dying” and “Chuck Norris never ran a marathon”. Yeah, me neither, 13 miles hurts plenty thank you.

After getting home late in the day from the run and other family engagements I found myself really wanting to eat the hanger steak I just had bought. As I trekked down to the garden, I wished I had just listened to the wife and ordered pizza. Seriously they pain I would not have felt walking down the rock stairs in the backyard would have made it worth it alone. Of course upon arriving at my garden I immediately notice that the warm weather has been good to everything so I grab some flat leaf parsley, cilantro, thyme, and mint.

 Ok, we’re going to take some olive oil, garlic, some fresh squeezed lime juice and a little Frank’s hot sauce and make today’s version of chimichurri in the food processor. Marinated the steak with the thyme, olive oil, and some garlic and we’re done. I used some of the left over marinade to sauté some leftover mushrooms in the fridge and the meal was just in need of wine.

2003 Woodward Canyon Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon

Popped and poured. A need garnet color going almost black in the center. On the nose were black cherry, smoke, fresh cut tobacco leaf, and menthol. On the palate was a very elegant wine drinking in it’s prime. Medium bodied, a little earthy early on with super fine tannins and good acidity that are in perfect balance right now. Over time the air coaxed out more cherry, currants, and cocoa on the palate with a long finish that outlasted the food repeatedly during the meal. This was a fantastic wine showing velvety finesse and beautiful with steak right now.

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